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Ice Pics/Weather Report - December 10, 2010

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1 Ice Pics/Weather Report - December 10, 2010 on Fri Dec 10, 2010 2:18 pm

The time is currently 1:05pm, and the temps have warmed up a bit. Overcast skys, winds are light. Temperature currently reads +1.5oC (34.7oF).

As requested by DC, here are a few pictures looking to the lake from our top floor balcony. The first is looking North West towards Peterborough. The bay between us and Margerets Island is pretty solid. Nice clear shiny ice.

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This is the view looking North East towards the North Beach and Holiday Pines. Very frozen, clear ice. Miss leading as it does look like open water, but trust me it's not Mad

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The shore was obviously the first to freeze. On Sunday night we had small chunks of ice along the shore. When the wind dies down and the temperature dropped, it trapped those chunks making for an interesting pattern. The top of the pool froze a few days before the lake, I imagine it is quite solid by now being that it is above ground.

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Thats about it for now. We are heading away to Montreal for the weekend, hopefully the temps can stay above freezing. Wife and I are going to catch UFC 124... GO GSP!

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Ya it sux I was hoping for one more fish in the boat, oh well. I did hear of some guys out ice fishing today, personally I think they're nuts but as long as they take the safety gear....

Well the boat officially gets put away 2moro morning then

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Thanks for the pics!, haven't been to the lake in 1.5 months now....how many days till spring?

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So.... with this 'new' ice and crazy people out on it already. Should we have a guess of how long it will take for someone to go thru either by foot, snowmobile, atv, etc.???

I'd say by the 21st of Dec.

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