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Water quality

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1Water quality Empty Water quality on Thu Mar 17, 2011 9:21 pm


Basically, we use the cottage/ house on Rice three seasons.
so far we have failed one water test. But that was due to the fact we are cross connected, well system to lake system. We've closed the valve off now and will not open it again.
However, our neighbours are mentioning the effects of water sitting in the pipes when we are not there. The solution seems to be to let the water trickle when we are not using it and away.
As well our water system may have frozen slightly ( pump wouldn't work three weeks ago but ran fine this week ) The water trickle trick may have prevented this.

The real question is... Since we bring up drinking water ( from T.O. ) Can we use the well water ( drilled and 40- 60 ft deep ??? ) for washing , dishes etc. Or is there some water quality concern here.We have chlorine shocked the system twice ( b/c of the cross contamination problem ) But we would prefer not to go through all the bother if we're not drinking the water anyway.

Our last water test ( Nov 2010 )came back as " drinkable " however, we did not use the water for ten weeks

Most of the neighbours filter and soften and thats it for treatment so probably the aquifer is safe ( assuming its the same one we use )

2Water quality Empty Re: Water quality on Fri Mar 18, 2011 1:57 am

Bewdley Giant Fan

Bewdley Giant Fan
I have lived in Bewdley for 5 years now and I work in Toronto. I get my drinking water while I am at work, but I use my well water for everything else. I have no softener and use straight well water for washing dishes, clothes etc. with no problems whatsoever.

I wouldn't go to much expense or bother.


3Water quality Empty Re: Water quality on Fri Mar 18, 2011 11:01 am


test is again. stop at the port hope health unit to get a sample bottle.
we failed a test because of our own stupidity, when done right, passed with flying colours.

make sure to remove the screen on your faucet. in fact remove anything not fixed, screen, ring whatever. then make sure to burn the faucet for 10-15 seconds with a lighter.

most people will out a dish rag on the faucet, causing contamination. that and splashed dirty water etc can lead to bad results. i learned that the hard way.

i thought we have non drinkable water, and freaked out. turned out.. i was just dumb.

also, in my opinion, a UV light is really not that expensive, something we will do here soon that will ensure your water is crystal clean! i would hate to lug water around just to be able to drink it. that and we don't have the space here for one of those coolers

PS - i should say this is our year round home, and we use the water for everything. no filtre, no softner, no uv


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