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Ads as seen on these forums

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1Ads as seen on these forums Empty Ads as seen on these forums on Fri Nov 26, 2010 12:18 am


Well, the one downside about free stuff is you have to suffer through ads. You might have seen more and more of this as you visit sites around the internet. Well we got em! Personally I hate em. I did some digging, and removing ads on forums is generally, well expencive!

Well, well folks, looks like this site has reasonable removal rates. In fact, this site will be add free when you are logged in as a member for 1 full year! It only cost $14!!! I bit the bullet.... did I mention I hate ads?

If you are lurking as a guest, you will however see the ads, sorry, it was $28 to do members and guests. If you are opposed to ads as I am, sign up and join the discussion!


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