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Walleye - Where and How

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1Walleye - Where and How Empty Walleye - Where and How on Fri May 27, 2011 12:51 pm


I also posted this on the Kawartha Anglers site, but figured I should use this board too.

Dirk - We live close enough, and I know damn well you are a great fisherman, so if you have some tips and are willing to share, lay em on me!

I am not an avid fisherman, but I sure do enjoy going when I do. I am also not a HUGE fan of eating fish (had a bad experience one time in Florida - isn't that how storys go?). Anyway, my wife however LOVES eating fish. She has also never had walleye, and many tell her it sure is tasty!

So my new mission in life is to catch and cook her up a nice walleye for dinner (along side my steak Razz )

I was out last weekend, and cought a few trolling the shores, they could have been keepers (read in the slot) but they got tossed back, as I was not currently on my mission Cool

SO, to the Rice Lake Pros out there, where are some great spots for Walleyes. I'm not going to drain your honey holes as it will be 1 maybe 2 that I will pull out for her. We live down by Langs, just accross from Margerets Island, and I only have a small 12' alluminum and 6HP motor, so I'm not looking to travel too far /roll

So any tips? We caught last weeks trolling in 6-8' of water with some minnow cranks. Anything else that catches the bite? All suggestions are welcome, and should you want to keep it private, feel free to PM me with some locations, baits or tips. All are welcome and VERY much appriciated!


2Walleye - Where and How Empty Re: Walleye - Where and How on Mon May 30, 2011 10:51 am



Firstly, you should enjoy your fishing. So, find a method that you prefer.

Trolling works, I hate trolling.

Drifting over weed beds or the edge is good with spinners tip w/ worm.

Jigs are also a choice, Mr Twister grubs often produce

In a bit of a blow ripping jigs i.e. pull hard and let the jig fall, can produce in weed beds.

Drop shotting, where the bait / plastic is above the weight and slowly moving the line is successful too.

I guess my point is fish the way you want, so its enjoyable.

If this info isn't what you want, keep asking

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