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1Equipment/tackle Empty Equipment/tackle on Sat Nov 27, 2010 1:22 pm


Smile Hi
Thought I'd start this section off with a fairly safe entry.
Toward the end of the season late Sept - Oct, we were using a platic bait system called fin-S. Nothing very special, minnow shaped grey-ish colours mostly. the jig head is expensive ( approx 40 cents ) but has a coiled groove which holds the plastic fin-S body on. We were catching undersized ( barely ) walleye but lots. The picks are a schooling fish, so no surprise when they are the same size. The fin-S minnows caught bass etc during the early season as well. I am always looking for that " go to " bait. normally, I would say a " zero " or senko wieghtless on a worm hook. However, the fin-S ahs been impressive.

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A neighbour of mine told me last year he had a hot bait and I toild him I had one too. His was actually the Fin-S bait in a similar blackish/grey with off white belly. We went out a couple of times on a weekend and he used his hot bait and only managed one Crappie. I used mine and caught a walleye a a couple of bass. It was a bad weekend weather wise though, very windy and some rather large waves, very difficult to control the boat.

I have some of those Fin-S baits for this year and will hopefully try them with some success.


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My go to bait is the SLAMMER made by Mark Kulik of StrikeZone Tounamnet baits. The have caught everything except a musky. They are awsome and are killer for Smallies.

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He has just come out with a new swimmbait that was killer on the Smallis in the fall.


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well you can never have too many " go to baits ". I certainly have my share or more than my shares.
My history goes soemthing like this.

Berkeley power grubs esp the original olive colour.
Berkeley power worms 8 in in motor oil colour
A dark ribbon worm, very ripply when it falls ( forget the name - senior's moment here )
then the " zero ' or senko -mostly white

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