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Official ICE-OUT Contest - 2012 Edition! WOOO!

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1Official ICE-OUT Contest - 2012 Edition!  WOOO! Empty Official ICE-OUT Contest - 2012 Edition! WOOO! on Tue Mar 06, 2012 10:49 am


Ok ok, so I have been slacking here on these forums. My apoligies, been a busy winter. I have a child on the way in April, work is nutso, and well... thats I suppose about it. The great thing is that the winter hasn't been all that bad, I remember last years taking forever to get through, and here we are 13 days to spring! I suppose the spring countdown doesn't look so big compared to the 9 month baby countdown.

Ok enough rambling, so... without further ado, I present you with the 2012 ice out contest. A friendly little contest for bragging rights. Correctly Predict when the ice will be off the lake and you win yourself bragging rights for a year!

As always, once your guess is in, it's locked! No changing due to weather or anything. When people post, I will keep a log of dates at the top and update them as they come or go. To Start, here is the next weeks forcast.

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I will also take the first guess, and post below! Good Luck!

Tbird Man - March 21st
Skitzo - March 22nd
Shimmy_Crazy - March 23rd
Bewdley Giant Fan - March 25th

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I'm in for Mar 23.
A flock of Red-Winged Black birds returned to nest in the Long Island Marsh yesterday, oh how I LOVE the sounds of spring!! What a Face


Tbird Man

Tbird Man
I'm betting on a real early out. I'll take the 21st. Bike's on the road tomorrow.

Bewdley Giant Fan

Bewdley Giant Fan
put me down for march 25th



I'm going to call Ice-Out yesterday.
I have no Modis to confirm, but we drove around the lake and there is no ice to be seen.

with that, Grats tbird Man


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