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Greetings from Long Island :)

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1 Greetings from Long Island :) on Mon Dec 27, 2010 2:59 pm

Thought I'd help Skitzo out since he's not here right now. This morning the thermometer was reading just about minus 14 and there was a stiff wind out of the North east... the wind chill was reminiscent of mid-February rather than end of December. I have seen a few brave souls out on snowmobiles today, but not nearly as many as yesterday. This drop in temperature has likely caused a rise in couch sitting and tv watching Surprised
The wind is currently shifting around from the west and it's blowing things all over hell's half acre on our front porch. I've had to tape up the front door to block out the draft. Guess we'll just have to use the side door for today.
Paul made an ice rink yesterday and measured over 10 inches when he drilled through the ice to flood it. A new fishing hut appeared yesterday morning between Long Island and Marvin's and they had an ATV coming and going most of the day, but it seems they too have stayed away with today's cold snap.
Didn't get any photos today as I am still happily in my jammies, enjoying a couch potato day myself. I here it's going to warm up tomorrow... so I'll head out then. It sounds like a big warm up is coming later in the week, plus 5 with rain by Friday is what I'm hearing. We'll see....

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