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Scuttlebutt and worse

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1Scuttlebutt and worse Empty Scuttlebutt and worse on Fri Jul 08, 2011 3:07 pm


I know Dig... reported a good outing on wk-nd opener BUT.....
I'm hearing reports of tough slogging in the fish wars. Esp bass seem to be hidng. B/c of tournaments I can never be sure of how the bass react to pressure. This is the second week that I thought the pros etc were pre-fishing Rice.

My observations so far, re: the river. I'm not finding bass in the wood. instead, I seem to be fishing weed edges and more horribly going into the slop to find them.

This week only Thurs appeared to have the bass chasing any distance from cover, otherwise I would say for the week they bass were in hunker down mode ( the weather ???? )
Bait of choice: some froggy thingy that was weedless

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