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Predictions For Open Water

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1Predictions For Open Water Empty Predictions For Open Water on Tue Mar 01, 2011 11:46 am


I am slowly getting tired of winter even though it is starting to get mild. I don't mind the cold and snow but I am desperatly waiting for spring/summer and fishing season.

How is the ice and is it starting to melt? When will it be open or when will we have "ICE OUT"?


2Predictions For Open Water Empty Re: Predictions For Open Water on Wed Mar 02, 2011 12:41 am


This jogged my memory!
I will have to start an ICE OUT betting thread. I don't have any prizes like RLT did, as we have no sponsors or anything. Maybe a few beers in June at the north beach for the winner or something.

As far as the ice goes... oh boy. I hope it goes soon.

However, around the lake on monday it only got around +4ish, and we had a lot of rain. later that day the temps dropped like a rock, i think it was near -17ish by 6pm and windy. the lake now looks like one big skating rink after the rain froze. i think you could literally skate from my house to margerets island easily!

the lake is very solid still, i was out measuring for my new dock project this past weekend, and saw some snow mobiles out. Ridgeview still has their hut out as well!

We are starting to lose snow however. i would say about 40-50% of my lawn is exposed. I was out poop scooping again on monday - YUCK! we are supposed to get 5cm of snow friday, then 30-40mm of rain saturday, then 5-10cm of snow sunday! mother nature, make up your mind.

its gonna get messy this weekend!


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